Gaming Weekend_


As SO-Production & Events we planned the 1ST gaming weekend at a mall. Emaar Square Mall became the first mall which organised a gaming event.

This gaming weekend welcomed about 1.000 people at 24th & 25th of November 2018, and included various activities such as; prized PUBg tournament, meet & greets and show matchs.

We had set app. 20 matchs for 15-20 minutes a day, and hundreds of gamers had joined the tournament. There were several pins and pop sockets for the attendees, steam cards for the tour winners and the big prize for the 1st gamer of the day was a stereo headphone! Also any attendee had the chance to get one of the 10 display cards with the drawings.

On Saturday we hosted UNLOST, ALPTV & RIP; on Sunday there were ZEONNN and RAMMUS53 for the meet & greets.


Services Provided;

Gaming tournament, Stage Design &Sound-Light-Visual Equipment Rental and Management,  Promotionel Materiels, Printed Materials, Influencer Management, Event & Production Team